Payroll Giving is an effective way for your company to involve its employees in simple solutions, which will consequently improve staff participation and boost staff morale. Through Payroll Giving, the company merely acts as a conduit to facilitate the process for an employee to have a choice to support a worthy cause.

An agreed amount from as little as R5.00 is deducted voluntarily from an employee's salary on a monthly basis, and paid directly into The Giving Organisation Trust Account.

Nine of the most well known and reputable charities in South Africa decided to join hands by forming an organisation that will secure ongoing and sustainable source of income.

Payroll Giving is simple for employers to set up, and will contribute significantly to the company's social responsibility adherence. In addition, it is also an excellent way to affirm employees' charitable giving through reliable distribution channels.

“Payroll Giving has the ability to revolutionise the way that charities operate in South Africa. A joint effort from companies will enable us to touch lives in every sphere of our country: To treat sick children, to alleviate poverty, make dreams come true and by making a difference in the life of an animal, nature or a sick person.”

“Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.” - John D Rockefeller –

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