How much should employees give?

The minimum amount is R5.00 a month. An employee may give as much as they wish above this amount.   The present average donation per month is R53.00.   Once the deduction has been made from an employee’s salary it must be paid into The Giving Organisation Trust account for distribution and cannot be refunded.

For what period of time?

Once authorised by the employee, the employer will continue to deduct the donation from their salary until otherwise advised by the employee, or until employment with the company ceases. The employee may cancel the donation by means of informing his/her ‘Charity Champion’ or via The Giving Organisation helpline.

Can anyone who works at the company join the programme?

Yes, any employee or pensioner receiving a salary or pension from the company that is administered by a payroll bureau or an in house payroll department.

What happens if the employee leaves the company?

Should an employee leave the company the deduction is terminated. The employee is encouraged to sign up for Payroll Giving at his/her next place of employment.

When will the charities receive the donations?

Payment to the charities will take place in the month following receipt of payment.

Can the company match the donations made by its employees?

Yes.   Although optional, this is an excellent way for your company to demonstrate its commitment towards the community and to build trust and good relations with its employees. The company can specify in what proportion it wishes to match. For example:  rand for rand, 100% match, or 10 cents for every rand, 10% match.

What records will the company be expected to keep?

The following records will be required. The Giving Organisation can administer this process electronically on request.

  • Copy of contract between The Giving Organisation and the company.
  • Copy of the form/database completed by an employee authorising the employer to make deductions from their monthly salary.
  • Record deductions made from each participating employee. This would be an additional deduction code on the employee’s pay slip; the necessary reporting systems already exist within most payroll systems.

What other accreditation is given to companies?

The South African Payroll Association recognises superior performance through the award of an annual prize in bronze, silver and gold. Companies are graded depending on the level of employee participation, increase in employee participation, and employer support.  

All participating companies receive a certificate and the South African Payroll Association logo for use on company literature.

How can Payroll Giving be marketed in my company?

All communication between a participating company and The Giving Organisation will take place through the company’s  selected “Charity Champion”. The Giving Organisation in-house communication system and e-mail distribution is discussed and authorised by the company before any communication with the company’s staff takes place.

Popular approaches to market Payroll Giving include:

  • Presentations by The Giving Organisation at company meetings and events.
  • The “mascot programme”.  A popular marketing tool to create a caring environment in the workplace through cartoon characters, superheroes, or a theme of your choice.
  • Intra- or internet messages, company publications and newsletters.
  • A launch date on the company calendar.
  • Messages on pay slips or attachments to pay slips.
  • New employees offered the opportunity to participate upon acceptance of employment.
  • Other promotional items such as tray liners in the canteen, screen savers, coasters, etc.

The South African Payroll Association together with The Giving Organisation will provide the necessary assistance to facilitate the implementation of Payroll Giving.

What can the company do to optimise participation in the Payroll Giving campaign?

  • Obtain the commitment and participation of top management.
  • Have an official launch of the campaign within the company.
  • Promote Payroll Giving effectively, involving all departments, units, and divisions.
  • Identify a “Charity Champion” – an enthusiastic employee who can motivate colleagues and ensure that internal administration needs are met.
  • Provide frequent feedback to employees on the progress of the initiative.
  • Provide frequent feedback to employees on how their money is being utilised by the charities – the charities will provide this information. The Giving Organisation’s communication system can administer this process electronically.

What do I do next?

  • Register your company as a Payroll Giving participant by completing the registration form.
  • Identify a “Charity Champion” within the company.
  • Market Payroll Giving within in the company with the assistance of The Giving Organisation.
  • Participating employees submit completed commitment forms to the “Charity Champion”.

For further information contact Madine Strydom on  +27 (0)11 675 0650.

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